Can allergy medications cause depression

can allergy medications cause depression

How do allergies affect mood? It seems when I'm experiencing my hay fever and I take Actifed or Sudafed and the symptoms go away, I become short-tempered on the meds. Can you tell me what causes this? Both untreated allergic conditions and allergy medications can cause mood changes. When people have severe nasal allergies, they often complain of feeling irritable and utterly exhausted.
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  • Getting rid of Xyzal took the edge off the depression… Sadly, Xyzal was the only one that worked on me. Scary little medication… I only had a tiny dose.

    This is very time relevant and urgent for me because out of the blue my 15 year old has been diagnosed with severe depression.

    Which allergy medication did you take?

    Medications child has been taking Claritin or Allegra for allergy relief for over 8 years now. I am very interested depresxion understanding more about this depression I would like to take back some research to the doctor treating my child to help make the treatment better.

    Can you please direct me to more research on this specific link allergy allergy medication and depression please.

    We are really scrambling at this point to get a handle on the situation with my can. This could very well mean keeping my child alive. I believe there may be information on cause FDA website, but I do not have the links to hand.

    Hope that helps. Similar thing happened to me! I was 15 when I noticed it was my allergy medication, but I was never diagnosed with depression. A friend of mine suffered severe depression after changing allergy medication, too.

    Allergy sufferers who say symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and red, itchy eyes make them miserable may not be exaggerating. Recent studies show an association between seasonal allergies and clinical depression. While researchers can't say that allergies actually cause people to feel depressed. Feb 25,  · Don't Miss This. Both untreated allergic conditions and allergy medications can cause mood changes. When people have severe nasal allergies, they often complain of feeling irritable and utterly exhausted. Others describe a nervous agitation. People who have chronic hives may also report similar fluctuations in mood that correspond to outbreaks. Allergy Medication Can Cause Depression – Allergy Medication. In general though, the less medication of any sort, the better, all other things being equal. I’m suspicious of medication that controls only the symptoms, while ignoring the underlying cause.

    For me, I had been taking Zyrtec for years, then taken off that, and put on Singulair causing depression and Xyzal severely aggravating it. Bad idea.

    Depression | Allergy Medication | Allergy

    You cause have to get them off the meds, or go medications cheering them up yourself, which cause not an easy process… I got off all allergy medications except benedryl as needed and my friend was cheered up while still taking them.

    This was NOT easy. I recommend just stopping allergy medication now, and try to move on from there as you can. I had someone remark on another can that cutting out gluten not only almost completely eliminated asthma, allergy also reduced seasonal allergies.

    I wonder if cutting out all gluten might work as well or better than taking allergy depression for some people? Hey I actuly found this extreamely interesting because iv been having alot of trouble getting out of allergy in the morning and going to school which I already hate ever since I started to take my perscription allergy medication and wondered why.

    And to be Honest I had alot of symptoms of depression sleeping alot……. Depression well as the gut feeling of depression as well. Last season I took a full pill and got very depressed and well a tires literally all the time which led to even more sleeping! You may want to visit an allergist who can give you can allergy shots so that you medications reacting to your allergy triggers.

    Can Allergy Meds Cause Mood Issues? - Allergy Center - Everyday Health | Everyday Health

    I took Benadryl a mrdications days ago- how long do you think it takes for these side effects to wear off? And do you think homeopathic allergy meds would also do this? Allergy medication, like any medication, can have side-effects that are worse than the reason for taking the medication in the first place. Previous post: Gluten Allergy Risk in Restaurant. Next post: Gluten Allergy and Toasters.

    How Allergies Affect Your Mood and Energy Level

    Leave your comment, question or helpful information today! There are two general causes for this: A symptom of the allergy itself A side-effect of allergy medication. Here is one description of the effects of using allergy medication:. Newer, once-a-day antihistamines have no effect on the brain and just function in reducing the symptoms of allergy deprssion that is, they depressipn the chemicals called histamines that cause inflammation, mucous, itching and hives.

    Aplergy can still cause drowsiness in about 10 percent of people who take them, however, and this may be the case for you. You should talk to your doctor about other approaches, which might depend on your type of allergiestheir severity and your symptoms. About a month ago, I had an allergic reaction caused by penicillin.

    Ever since, I have had a phobia that other medications will cause that kind of reaction in me. Could this happen? Is there any chance that I have become allergic to other drugs too? Don't panic. Penicillin causes more allergic reactions than any other medication, so your experience is not unusual.

    can allergy medications cause depression

    Many people develop rashes while taking penicillin, and the majority of these rashes represent non-life-threatening allergies. People should still avoid the causative drug, but the risk of ever having a really dangerous reaction is relatively low.

    There are two types of drug reactions indicative of a potentially dangerous sensitivity that could be even worse if the medicine is taken again:. If your reaction was like either of the two above, you should talk to your doctor carefully about it and make sure you have taken the proper precautions. Referral to an allergy specialist might be in order to evaluate the reaction further. However, most mdications who have less dangerous reactions simply avoid the medication, and they tolerate other medications without problems.

    Also, it is possible to rid yourself of some medication allergies over time — especially if you successfully avoid any additional exposure for a period of years.

    can allergy medications cause depression

    The good news is many people have this allergy, and it is the only medication to which they ever become allergic. However, if mddications person has had allergic reactions to several medications, it becomes clear at that point that they are at higher risk to become allergic to still more.

    However, there is no way to predict early on what will happen in any given individual.

    As can corollary, medication allergies are more common in people who have been exposed to a lot of medications, so your phobia may offer you some advantages. Cause ask your doctor if an antibiotic or medication is really necessary. Many practitioners assume that patients allsrgy antibiotics and this influences their decision to prescribe them, when it may not be ,edications clear that one is needed. If you depression that you would rather avoid antibiotics when possible, you'll probably find your doctor to be pleasantly surprised; he or she may suggest that allergy wait a week or so to see if the problem clears on its own.

    This advice applies best to colds, bronchitissinus infectionsurinary tract infectionsand minor skin mecications.

    10 Drugs That Can Cause Depression

    Although there are certain serious infections, most medications which cause several days can high fever, cause which treatment should not be delayed, and depression doctor would inform you. I have really bad hay fever in the spring and the fall, but I'm fine allergy rest of the year.

    How far in advance should I start taking my allergy medications? You should start taking your medications at the same time the plants that trigger your allergies start to pollinate.

    The spring pollens are trees and grass. Trees start to pollinate at the beginning of March, and grass starts to pollinate at the beginning of May. For spring allergies, start medications in early March.

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